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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Copyright infringement news...

In the interests of keeping this legal and visible, I present the following:

Noticed the following item for sale thru your site:

It is in fact a total plagiarism of this item, also for sale thru your site, these last 4 & 1/2 years:

In short, Peter Michelsen is selling a kindle version of what is in fact my novel, The Unearthing. I am the sole owner of the electronic rights of The Unearthing. While it is published physically through Publish America, my contract specifies ownership of the electronic rights. This Kindle eBook Mr Michelsen is selling is in fact a verbatim copy of my book, which he claims as his own, down to the last typo.

I have never authorised Mr Michelsen, nor anyone else, to sell this work or to sell it on my behalf. I have no agreement with Mr Michelsen, nor have I ever had any contact with him or anyone representing him. I have not been remunerated for any sales of this work.

I hereby declare under penalty of perjury, that the above information is accurate and that I am the sole copyright owner for The Unearthing.

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  1. Hi - you're not the only one who's had his work hijacked by Peter Michelsen! See
    for example. Drew Wagar has managed to get Amazon to stop Peter Michelsen selling Drew's work (which was protected by a noncommercial Creative Copyright license). However, just proving that one of their resellers is pirating other people's work obviously isn't enough to get Amazon to do anything as radical as suspend that reseller's account: they will only remove individual items when requested to do so by the real authors of those works. If you want some help in getting The Unearthing taken away from Peter Michelsen, check out Drew's blog.




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