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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Earth-Shaking News!

Well okay, no, but after the first big regional quake since I was in high school, this Blog post kind of has to take note of it.

Anyway, this week marks the completion of all post-writing work on the manuscript for Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind.

Now comes the real challenge: I've decided that unlike my more famous (and free) eBooks, The Unearthing and its follow-up Through Darkness and Stars, I intend to either release Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind as a paid downloadable eBook or I'll be shopping it around for publication.

This means that my creative writing time is now absolutely rededicated to The Omniverse's third volume, The Aeons War. This is fun, because the story has been screaming at me for months now, but I've wanted to finish the push for Nevermind.

I must once again report feeling both overwhelmed and intimidated as I approach Nevermind's publication. See, being non-genre, I know the novel will be a little bit easier to sell. Likewise, we're just hitting the pop-culture phase where the 1990s Grunge scene will become retro and therefore back in style, so the novel, being set in the era, will be that much more marketable. Plus the mature content and adult situations rife through the book is sure to boost readership, as pervy readers abound.

So basically, I don't want to fuck up the publication of this one, like I did The Unearthing.

But I'm also completely unsure of myself or what to do next.


I'll figger it out, I suppose.

Anyway, our attention now turns back to The Omniverse and The Aeons War. The story takes place more than 1500 years after events of Through Darkness and Stars. Jack Benedict returns, as does the ever-changing Allison McQuire, now known as the Shekhina.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Hi Steve, I am not usually prone to displays of fandom but I wanted to say that I really enjoyed the first two Omniverse novels. It is great to read above that there will be a third volume. There are a couplle of things that I'd love to know. Since the Ship found no trace of Harriman and the first Bug, is he gone or will he reappear in some fashion? I was trying to work out the math of being outside time like the ship and having him show up unexpectedly. Secondly, I am from Australia so I would love to know more about the Australian COnflict and how little old Oz became powerful or insane enought to be classed a rogue state? No pressure, but I would definately read short story or ten filling in some of the history between 2010, War Three, Australian Conflict and the Unearthing. Anyway, thanks for a couple of great reads and I will by the books if I see them somewhere.


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